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Pneumatic & hydraulic motors made in Germany

Combining innovative engineering with over 100 years of experience in a variety of industries, Düsterloh creates rugged, durable pneumatic and hydraulic motors for our customers' success. Learn more about our products here.

Our products at a glance

Düsterloh Fluidtechnik GmbH has been producing pneumatic and hydraulic motors for industrial use for decades. The radial, axial and gear motors are appreciated by customers worldwide for their reliability, sometimes in extreme operating conditions. The precision gearboxes are created for special requirements, which means that special solutions can be offered for a wide variety of cases.


Hydraulic motors

Düsterloh hydraulic motors have proven themselves in industrial use for decades. They are characterized by robustness and a sophisticated design. In combination, both ensure maximum reliability even under difficult operating conditions. The hydraulic motors are available with their downstream gears and brakes in a large number of variants. Important features are high speeds and power, the possibility of stepless fine adjustment and thus the particularly good suitability for the control of strongly varying power requirements of the working machines. Hydraulic motors are used as precision drives in the form of stepper motors, actuators or self-regulating servo motors. Direct control or control via servo units is used. Customers from the mining industry as well as the machine tool, vehicle technology and plant engineering sectors order these hydraulic motors.

Hydraulic motors

RM 1250XZA1 Hydraulic motor

Hydromotors with sophisticated design


Düsterloh pneumatic motors are suitable for continuous operation under harsh operating conditions. They also function reliably in a very humid atmosphere or other extreme climatic environments. Operation of the pneumatic motors is possible with air, nitrogen and other gases. Standard equipment includes protective screen seals, differential pressure lubricators and adjustable speed limiters. In addition, Düsterloh also offers special versions of the pneumatic motors for operation with unlubricated air. The good sound attenuation of the pneumatic motors is achieved by a long exhaust air duct. In addition, the pneumatic motors can be equipped with downstream silencers. The long service life is ensured by ground and hardened rotors.

Pneumatic motors

DMO15_FST_Z1_MP Pneumatic motor

For continuous operation and harsh operating conditions

Pneumatic starters

Pneumatic starters are used for starting turbines and diesel engines. Essentially, they consist of a gear motor, the valve combination and the single-track drive with reduction gear. Gear motors develop their highest torque directly at breakaway. This makes pneumatic starters particularly suitable for starting diesel engines. They can be operated with gas or air and are independent of an electrical energy storage system, explosion-proof and maintenance-free. Furthermore, pneumatic starters are characterized by extremely reliable operating behavior. This means they can start any diesel engine, even in extreme environments. Pneumatic starters are used in the Arctic, tropics, deserts and offshore areas.

Pneumatic starters

PS 32-20ZRel with Rexroth ceram

For starting diesel engines and turbines


Düsterloh specializes in the project planning and design, manufacture and commissioning of customer-specific fluid power units. These include hydraulic units with tank sizes up to 8,000 dm³, which operate in steel and stainless steel tanks with the operating media mineral and gear oil as well as flame-retardant pressure fluids. The pipelines of the aggregates are equipped with cutting ring and/or welding cone fittings. With regard to their drive powers, individual power units perform up to 110 kW per motor-pump assembly. Düsterloh can offer noise encapsulation of complete gensets and motor-pump units. The systems come completely from one source.


Hydraulic motor aggregates

Primary and secondary drives from a single source