Pneumatic starters

Düsterloh pneumatic starters are used to start diesel engines and turbines. They essentially consist of a gear motor, a single-track drive with reduction gear and a valve combination. Since the gear motor develops its highest torque when breaking loose, it is particularly suitable for starting diesel engines. Düsterloh pneumatic starters can be operated with air or gas. They are independent of electrical energy storage, maintenance-free and explosion-proof.

The available series achieves torques, measured at the starter pinion, of up to 510 Nm at a working pressure of 15 bar. For higher starting powers, two starters can be operated in parallel. A safety circuit is available for this purpose, which only allows the diesel to be started when the pinions of both starters are fully engaged in the ring gear of the diesel.

Performance features

  • High starter performance with low air consumption
  • Independence from electrical energy storage
  • Suitability for manual and remote control (automatic start)
  • Slow-turn device
  • Long service life
  • No lubricators necessary (for air operation)
  • Steel and bronze pinions
  • Operation even under extreme climatic conditions
  • Explosion proof
  • Interchangeable with standardized electric starters
  • Flange connection dimensions according to SAE J 542 C

Pneumatic starters PS

Power [kW] up to 13,00

Start Torque [Nm] up to 80,00

Operating pressure [bar] 8,00

Pneumatic starters PS - HY

Power [kW] up to 15,00

Start Torque [Nm] up to 510,00

Operating pressure [bar] 15,00


Drive pinion pneumatic starter

For the pneumatic field, we offer a wide range of accessories, such as drive pinions, pressure reducers, safety valves, sleeve protectors, etc.

Special features Pneumatic starters

Their reliable operating characteristics ensure that the diesel engine can be started safely even under extreme environmental conditions, i.e. places of use can be found in the tropics as well as in the Arctic, in desert areas or offshore.

The starters have a modular design consisting of the motor drive, single-track drive and control peripherals. The control can be electric, pneumatic or manual. Maintenance reduction of the system is achieved by permanent lubrication of the rotors and engine bearings, eliminating the need for an oiler in the air supply. Electric starters can easily be replaced by Düsterloh starters due to the identical connection dimensions. The flange dimensions for flange mounting comply with the standard according to SAE J 542 C.

Slow turning

By means of an upstream valve, the starter can also be used for "slow turning", i.e. for draining the pistons (water hammer is reduced). In the case of large diesels, the gymnastics device can be used to move the piston to the required position during repairs.


The starters can also be used to drive pre-lubrication pumps, where the oil pressure in the diesel must be brought up to operating pressure within 2 - 3 seconds before starting. This is necessary for "standby drives" which start immediately under load.

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