Pneumatic motors

Düsterloh pneumatic motors are of particularly robust construction and are designed for continuous operation and harsh operating conditions.

In addition, pneumatics offer many advantages over other energy transmitters. For example, air can be stored well due to its compressibility and can also be transported over long distances, without large pressure losses.

For this reason, Düsterloh pneumatic motors are also frequently used as emergency drives in metallurgical and rolling mill equipment. They work reliably even in humid atmospheres and extreme climatic conditions. The motors can be operated with air, nitrogen or other gases.

Performance features

  • Change of direction of rotation by means of built-in directional control valves with manual or remote control
  • Overload capacity for an unlimited period of time even during standstill
  • IEC flange and stub shaft dimensions according to DIN 42677, interchangeable with electric motors
  • Particularly suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Safe to work even in humid atmospheres and extreme climatic conditions
  • Long service life due to hardened and ground rotors
  • Suitable for air, nitrogen or gas operation

Pneumatic motors
PMW 160 – PMW 710

Pneumatikmotoren PMW 160 – PMW 710

Power [kW] up to 18,0

Operating speed range [rpm] 1000 – 3000

Torque [Nm] up to 55

Operating pressure [bar] 6

DMO 8 – DMO 56

Pneumatikmotoren DMO 8 – DMO 56

Power [kW] up to 66,0

Operating speed range [rpm] 1000 – 2000

Torque [Nm] up to 420

Operating pressure [bar] 6

Pneumatic motors
DMO 8 - DMO 20 with gearbox

Pneumatikmotoren <br> DMO 8 – DMO 20 mit Getriebe

Power [kW] up to 25,5

Operating speed range [rpm] 355 - 1000

Torque [Nm] up to 425

Operating pressure [bar] 6

Pneumatic control

Control cabinet open

For the application of the pneumatic gear motors type DMO we have complete pneumatic controls, which are designed according to your specifications. All switching functions are available redundantly to ensure safety in case of valve failure.


Exhaust throttle G11-2 with silencer

Düsterloh Fluidtechnik offers a wide range of accessories in the field of pneumatics, e.g. ball valve, socket strainer, lubricator, exhaust air throttle, silencer and many more.  For further information please contact us.


Maintenance unit with EMPEO 16bar pressure gauge

We also have spare parts available for you.  As an alternative to replacing defective components, we also offer low-cost reconditioning for many components. Please have a look at the After Sales section or contact us by phone or e-mail.

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