Hydraulic motors

The realization of customer-specific solutions is one of our core competences. We offer a comprehensive / diversely differentiated range of hydraulic motors and, in particular through the combination of downstream brakes and gearboxes, a multitude of sophisticated drive solutions can be realized. Thereby our hydraulic motors convince with their mature construction and assert themselves for decades in rough and demanding application areas.  

Düsterloh has been successfully developing and building hydraulic motors for industrial use for many decades. Our decades of experience in the field of hydraulic drives helps us in the continuous further development of our hydraulic motors.

Performance features

  • Long service life due to sophisticated design
  • Full torque over the entire speed range
  • High efficiencies up to 96
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Particularly robust / resistant / fault resistant
  • Very well suited for control applications
  • High continuous power
  • Suitable for flame retardant liquids
  • Uniform concentricity even at low speeds
  • Low maintenance
  • All motors in Atex version

Axial piston motor
AE 3 - AE 45

AE 45 hydraulicmotor axialpistonmotor

Displacement [cm3/rev] 2,8 – 45,0

Power [kW] up to 21,5

Operating speed range [rpm] 3 – 5250

Torque [Nm] up to 161

Radial piston motors
KM 11 – KM 110

KM 110 hydraulicmotor radialpistonmotor

Displacement [cm3/rev] 11,1– 109,5

Power [kW] up to 10,0

Operating speed range [rpm] 5 – 3600

Torque [Nm] up to 333

Radial piston motors
RM 80N – RM 250N

RM 250 hydraulicmotor radialpistonmotor

Displacement [cm3/rev] 80,4– 251,3

Power [kW] up to 30,0

Operating speed range [rpm] 5 – 800

Torque [Nm] up to 1159

Radial piston motors
RM 250X – RM 5000X

RM 1250XZA1Hydraulicmotor

Displacement [cm3/rev] 255,3– 5278

Power [kW] up to 190

Operating speed range [rpm] 2 – 600

Torque [Nm] up to 24343

High-precision motors
RMHP 90 - AEHP 40

RM 250 hydraulicmotor radialpistonmotor

Displacement [cm3/rev] 43,7 - 109,5

Power [kW] up to bis 18

Operating speed range [rpm] 1 - 2000

Torque [Nm] up to bis 310

Gearbox + brake

RM 1250XHA1-SL 18003FS hydraulic brake gear motor

Our hydraulic motors can be combined with any of our one- to four-stage coaxial and right-angle gear units. In addition, spring-applied multi-disc brakes, which are required when holding static loads, can be installed between the motor and the gearbox.

Valve assemblie

RMHP 90 with servo valve encoder

The valve assemblies are available for different connection patterns and with or without shock protection. They are suitable for all our motors in the A1 version.

Flow distributor

RM 63 power divider

The hydraulic radial piston flow dividers divide the incoming volume flow into several equally sized volume flows at the output. This allows rotatory and translatory drives to be moved as synchronously as possible.


Ball valve KHMFF-80

For the hydraulic area, we offer a wide range of accessories, such as oil expansion tanks, torque supports, shrink discs, rotary encoders, etc.

Not found what you were looking for?

Hydraulic motors, tailor-made for your requirements, are designed and implemented individually for you by our experienced engineers.

At the beginning of such customized hydraulic motor solutions is communication. Therefore, please contact us if you have not found anything suitable on our site so far.

We are looking forward to your individual project.

Special motor KM_63ZA1M LBD_11Z with valve assembly
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Hydraulic motor application

The motors were originally developed for harsh use in the mining industry. For example, the units are used in chain tensioners, slewing ring drives and conveyor technology. However, their reliability, precision and high efficiency quickly made them popular in other areas of application.

Today, Düsterloh Fluidtechnik offers a wide range of hydraulic units for a variety of applications. The areas of application range from steel mills, production machines and shredders to the diverse application in the offshore, marine and shipyard sector.