Application of hydraulic and pneumatic motors

Engineering expertise with broad industry experience

For more than 100 years, we have been earning our customers' trust by developing robust applications for long-term use in the toughest conditions. Our pneumatic and hydraulic motors drive the success of our customers in numerous industries. Learn more about the use of our applications in various industries here.

Application areas of our motors

Düsterloh hydraulic and pneumatic motors have been in use for over 100 years. They are now in demand worldwide for a wide range of applications. What customers appreciate most about the axial, radial and gear motors is their absolute reliability.

Important areas of application for Düsterloh Fluid Technology

The areas of application are very numerous because the precision drives from Düsterloh Fluidtechnik ensure exact synchronization even under extreme operating conditions at the lowest speeds. Furthermore, they are suitable for special solutions in aggregate construction and special requirements. See the most important areas of application here.

Düsterloh hydraulic motors

In industry, Düsterloh hydraulic motors prove their worth under the most difficult operating conditions thanks to their sophisticated design. In addition to their high performance, their advantages include stepless adjustability, which makes them particularly suitable for controlling working machines whose performance requirements vary greatly. In mining, machine tools and automotive applications, they are used as stepper motors, actuators and self-regulating follower motors that can be controlled by servo units or directly. As precision drives, they also prove themselves at the lowest speeds, which is particularly important in plant engineering.

Düsterloh Pneumatic motors

These motors are designed for continuous operation, even under harsh operating conditions. They perform rotary and linear movements. The linear movement is carried out rationally by compressed air cylinders and is used, for example, with impacting pneumatic tools such as the pneumatic hammer. Düsterloh pneumatic motors can be operated with nitrogen, air and other gases. Users in industry start turbines and diesel engines with Düsterloh pneumatic starters. They are maintenance-free and explosion-proof because they do not require electrical energy storage. Pneumatic cylinders are used in automation technology and factory automation. Typical applications include clamping, lowering, lifting, pushing, pulling, turning, feeding, gripping, holding, clamping, joining, stamping, stopping and stamping. In addition to their use in pneumatic tools, Düsterloh pneumatic motors are also suitable for moving turntable ladders, in mechanical engineering, in underground mining, in shipbuilding and in all underwater applications because they operate without current. Printing machines, agitators and robotics also use Düsterloh pneumatic motors.