Accessories for pneumatic motors

Düsterloh Fluidtechnik offers a wide range of accessories in the field of pneumatics. Some of them are described below. For further information, please contact us.

Catalog Accessories DMO und PMW



Ball valve

During longer standstills, the closed ball valve prevents leakage from the downstream components and the control spool of the motor. It allows maintenance work on the motor and the upstream components.

Sleeve dirt trap

For protecting valve units from contamination

Threaded connection G1, G1½, G2

Housing made of nickel-plated brass

Stainless steel strainer

Mesh size 0.25 mm


The oiler is mounted in the pneumatic line and supplies the working air with an oil mist for lubrication and corrosion prevention of the control slide, rotors and bearings.

Exhaust air throttle and silencer

The exhaust air flow of the pneumatic motor can be throttled via the exhaust air throttle, for reducing and adjusting the motor speed.

The silencer with axial air outlet combines the requirements:

  • high blow-off rate
  • short exhaust time
  • high sound attenuation

It reduces the sound pressure level by approx. 10 to 15 DBA.

Maintenance unit

Consisting of moisture separator, pressure reducing valve and lubricator, is provided between ball valve and motor inlet.

The moisture separator with water level indicator filters moisture out of the air in order to reduce icing after air expansion in the motor housing and at the air outlet during continuous operation. The most constant possible working pressure is set on the pressure reducing valve. The oiler with oil level indicator supplies the working air with an oil mist for lubrication and corrosion prevention of the control slide, rotors and bearings.

Spring-applied multi-disc brake

The standstill holding brake holds the drive in position when the pneumatic motor is depressurized and under load.

It is opened pneumatically (4bar) via a valve and closes via spring force when the pneumatic pressure is switched off.

Gearshift clutch

A pneumatic clutch is used, for example, for emergency drives that are not to run permanently. In an emergency, the clutch is switched automatically and the pneumatic motor takes over the drive via the force-locking clutch. The clutch opens with spring force and is force-locked with pneumatic pressure, which is tapped from the measuring connections of the pneumatic motor.

As soon as the pneumatic motor delivers its torque, the clutch switches.

Planetary gear

Commercially available planetary gear units can be connected downstream of the pneumatic motor. In terms of design, these coaxial gear units are considerably smaller than the pneumatic motor and have a very narrow gear graduation.

1-stage i= 3,08 - 7,25

2-stage i= 10,04 - 50,30

3-stage i= 60,00 - 320,00

Helical bevel gearbox

Helical-bevel gear units have an output offset by 90° to the pneumatic motor. With the output shaft on one side to the right, left or both sides. Due to the right-angled output, the pneumatic motor is at right angles to the drive axis, whereby the overall length (coaxial) is shortened.

Because of the weight, the helical-bevel gear units must be mounted on the frame like the pneumatic motor.

i= 4,4 - 730