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Module and number of teeth according to standardised series and customer requirement
Standard version hardened steel
In the case of drives in potentially explosive environments, the pinion is made of bronze

Socket dirt trap PN 40

To protect the valve units from soiling
Thread connection G1, G1½, G2
Housing made of nickel-plated brass
Stainless steel strainer
Mesh width 0.25 mm

Pressure reducer PN 40

To reduce the high pressure to the permissible operating pressure of the starter system
Socket version with thread connection G1, G1½, G2
With pre- and post-pressure manometer
With return control, i.e. in the case of fluctuating pre-pressure the working pressure remains constant
Setting range 0.5 to 25 bar
Housing made of brass / aluminium

Safety valves

For protection of the starter system if pressure reducers fail

Thread connection G¾, G1
Free blow-off
Adjusted and sealed
With TÜV approval
Temperature range -20° C - 200° C
Housing made of brass

Screw connections PN 50

Direction can be set to adjust the accessory parts
Thread connection G1, G1½, G2
Material: galvanised steel, yellow chromated

Pressure hoses PN 50

Thread connection G1, G1½, G2
With / without acceptance test according to Det Norske Veritas (DNV)
Connection straight or with 90° bend
Direction-adjustable double nipple

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